Stainless Steel Grill. Very Nice, Well Kept. See photos.As always with anything new you learn what and what not to do. In order to keep online sales fair and keep anyone from getting upset we have created the following online policy. We are all adults, but we are human and miscommunication can happen. We would appreciate your patience and understanding in advance as we give this new online sale a try. We ask if you have any issues, concerns, suggestions, or complaints to contact us personally at 580-504-2294 or via messenger. Online Estate Sale Policy*All items will be listed with a item number, please refer to this number when sending messages etc. *Each item has a description, please read, and if you still have questions feel free to message me.*If you wish to purchase an item please message me via messenger or by phone at 5805042294 or simply click purchase on the website store. All sales communication will go through me, and not multiple staff members in Order to avoid confusion. So please use the contact methods provided above. *You may schedule an appointment with me via messenger for a private viewing of your item. *All items will be sold as is, no returns.*Payment must be received within 12 hours of purchase. We accept cash, paypal, and cards. If payment is not received, item will immediately be available to next in line. *Sales are first pay first serve. Meaning-you have an appt scheduled to view a item, and before you can view another individual has decided to buy and paid for the item, the item would then go to the individual who has paid. You would be notified of change. NO HOLDS—This applies to everyone. *We are required to collect Oklahoma Sales Tax in the amount of 9.13%*All sold items will immediately be updated. *Pick Up Times will be discussed and scheduled. 

Stainless steel Grill #007