Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why an Estate Sale?

The need for Estate Sales can arise for many reasons such as moving, relocating to assisted living, closing a business, the loss of a family member or friend, downsizing.

What can I do before Consultation?

Do not throw anything away! Everything in the home can bring revenue. We have all heard stories about priceless treasures being found in someone’s trash.

What is the average time from beginning to end on an Estate Sale?

The time of sale can vary depending on numerous factors. One factor is the next available time slot on the schedule. It usually takes our staff 2-3 weeks to organize, display, and price items. The smaller the estate the less time this takes. Sales run for 3-4 days again depending on the size of the Estate and home is cleared and cleaned within 1 week. In all cases we work with our families and attempt to accommodate any time restraint they may be under.

How do you know what to charge for my items?

Our team is experienced in many areas including: Antique and contemporary furnishings, glassware, pottery and porcelain, paintings, toys and collectibles, tools and automotive items as well as general household items. We also have resources online. Item condition, location, and the desire for is also taking into consideration in order to obtain a fair market value. 

Do I have to be present during sale preparation and the sale?

No, we arrange to get a key or way into the property after consultation. It can be emotional for some clients and we do not expect you to be present. As we get closer to sale date, a staff member may be placed on the property for overnight purposes as security. Though we do discourage clients or family members presence on setup days due to emotional attachments, we will never, ever prohibit the family members presence. You are always welcome to check in on the sale as you would like.

Will seeing my loved one thing  affect me?

Yes, it can affect you. Grief whether for a loved one or for property, or the home, affects each of us differently. We want you to know that  Parkway Group is looking out for the best interest of you or your loved ones items. We understand that Liquidation of an estate whether due to a divorce, downsizing, moving to assisted living, and especially the loss of a loved one can be an emotional roller coaster. Often when seeing items out of their normal space or priced and displayed for a sale, grief can be triggered. Grief is unique to each one of us, Parkway Group understands this, and we want you to know that we are here to assist you, and do not wish to cause you any additional stress. But do want you to be prepared. Often times it helps to have a friend or loved on accompany you.

What am I responsible for during the sale?

In most cases, absolutely nothing. We will have your contact information for any issues that do come up like, “Should we sell a coin collection that we found, or would you care to keep it”.

What happens if any family personal items are found during preparation of sale?

These items will be placed in safe area until we receive further instructions from you.

What happens if any money is found during the sale set up?

At times money, “Cash & Coins”, are discovered during the sale set up. The amount of money found minus the set commission is added to the end of your total and will be paid out with Sale proceeds.

What happens if I change my mind on certain items and remove them from the sale?

At times during the sale set up you might notice something you had not seen before or maybe a family member has decided that they want the item.  Items can be removed from the home, however after the listed date on the signed agreement, items removed are subject to a 35% commission fee, just as it would have sold in the sale.

Can my family and friends attend the sale before it opens to the public?

Yes, we allow family and friends to come shop early, usually the day before the public sale is the best day but we do request at least a 3 day notice to prepare to have staff their to work the sale. 

How will you advertise my sale?

We advertise in several ways, always leaving the final address of the sale until 24 hours prior to sale date. We use our extensive email and texting list to send out sale information to our great customer base. We update our website, Google and Facebook page as well as run teaser ads in the local papers before the sale. Sales are listed on,, and craigslist, combined our sale promotions reach over 10,000 potential customers.

What fee do you charge? 

Our fees are commission based, which we will discuss on our free initial consultation. No upfront fees will be needed. Depending on what option we choose we also depend on what our Ad fee will be. We split the cost of advertisement with you and this is not due until after the completion of the sale.

What happens to unsold items?

That depends, no sale will ever be completely sold out wall to wall, there are usually some leftovers. As part of our service we will haul off or donate unwanted sale items. We donate items to the charity of your choice and provide you with a receipt to use for your your tax purposes. Again, this is done on a per-client basis, some families want to go through leftovers themselves and we are happy to work with our clients and listen to their needs. In some cases, larger items may be brought to one of our locations and placed on consignment for you or we may offer you a buyout amount of remaining items. Consignment fee's and buyout out amounts agreed upon by both parties and again are a per-case basis.

When can I expect to get paid the proceeds from the sale?

Invoices and checks are issued to our clients within 48 hours of completion of the sale.

How to choose an Estate Sale Company?

The most valuable advice I can give you about choosing an estate sale company is to call and check multiple references. Very simply put, our clients, are the business and no better way to gather information about companies than to speak with those who have personally experienced the services they provide. We have a list of references available at any time upon your request. Google the company, read their reviews, not with just the reference they provide but with The better business Bureau, call your local realtor for their experience with companies, attend a sale the company is hosting. You get what you pay for, and just because someone can offer you lower commission value does not mean you will receive the same type of treatment. Like good construction companies most estate sale companies have a waiting list, and if a company can get you right in then this can be a red flag, we usually have a 1 to 2 month waiting list before we can start new sales. Inquire about what steps they take at the end of their sales or how do they work their discounts? Do they just give your stuff away or do the attempt to get you fair market value? Do they presale to their vendor friends at way discounted prices when they could get you full price from paying and willing to buy customers? A lot of companies can talk the talk but they unfortunately can not walk the walk. 

Why choose us to manage your sale?

Because we want to make sure that your treated right and fair. We want to get you the maximum amount for your items, and we want to ensure that the job gets completed the right way, the Parkway Group Way. 

Whatever the need for an Estate Sale may be, Parkway Group is here to help. If we are not able to assist you with our services we are always here to offer advice or to direct you in the right direction. We have a reputation for being trustworthy and we take pride in that.

Choosing an Estate Sale Company can be a difficult one, our advice is to attend a sale, speak to former clients even those not provided to you, and  check reviews on facebook and google. Our clients are the business.   


What Clients Say...

“Parkway was a tremendous help to us when we lost my mother-in-law. We were so overwhelmed and had no idea what to do with all her possessions. They did a fabulous job and took the burden off our shoulders. And the house was spotless when they were done. We recommend them highly. Great group of people."

-Steve Middleton

What Customers Say...

“Have always treated us like Family & we feel the same way.

Make the sales. Best ever."

-Jerry Smith

“They are very professional very organized and very pleasant to be around I enjoy going to the sales looking forward to the next one."

-David Cassell

“Honest hardworking folks."

-John Michael Stuever