Customers Attending Our Estate Sales

*We do our absolute best to ensure that items in the sale preview photos are available at the public sale, however, things can change, and these things are out of our control. While we do not allow presales to the public, we do, on occasion allow presales to the family, or per real estate agent and family agreement the new homeowners. There are numerous reasons why family members may change their mind, sentimental value, they did not know that item was even here, or perhaps they want to donate to their charity, and on rare occasions they request their family, friends, or special neighbors, have first choice to purchase an item. While we understand this is an unfortunate inconvenience for the public, we must honor our clients wishes. 

*No presales to the public prior to 9:00AM on Sale day. Doors open at listed open time, no sooner.

*We will not disclose item pricing or info prior to the public sale. This includes via texts, emails, social media messages, and phone calls. We are extremely busy the days leading up to the sale and busy actively working the sale on public sale dates.

*We accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Checks. As a last resort we can also take Venmo and PayPal.

*As required by the state Oklahoma we do charge Sale Tax on the purchase of estate sale items and we do pay these taxes to the state at the conclusion of each sale. We also honor tax exemptions cards when provided. If you would like more info regarding this law, please visit and refer to OAC 710:65. Proof of payments made is available upon request.

*No Holds-if you must leave the sale and wish to have us hold an item, then a full or partial payment must be made.

*Items are sold as is unless otherwise stated.

*Large items must be picked up prior to sale closing on Sundays unless other arrangements are made.

*On occasions local delivery can be arranged for a small delivery fee, at our discretion, and according to our schedules. 

*Items are priced at a fair market value, priced to sell, and priced at the best interest of our clients. Please remember that prices are firm on opening day and marked down on Discount Day. Offers are considered and you may leave your name, phone number, and offer amount with the check out.

*We are not responsible for personal injuries to persons or vehicles on sale property or surrounding properties.

••Most Importantly, we appreciate you all very much and We hope we were able to provide you with a fun, fair, and pleasant estate sale experience. If you have any issues or concerns please feel free to speak to a staff member so that we may personally explain, address, or correct before the next sale. Again, thank you for supporting our small business and we look forward to providing you with many more estate sales.

Parkway Group Estate Sales,