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You have just been informed that you have been put in charge of liquidating your loved ones estate, or you had to move your mother to assisted living and she can not take all of her belongings, or maybe you need to relocate or downsize. You have work, family, and live in a different town, and can't possibly do all this alone. We understand that these times can be overwhelming and difficult  and we offer a variety of services to accommodate your individualized needs.



Let the experts determine what is valuable and what is trash, you would be very surprised.


We usually have a two to three month waiting list so you want to get scheduled in even if you are not sure we are going to be your choice. Slots fill up quickly.

Services We Offer

Estate Liquidations are needed for a variety of reason, divorce, downsizing, relocating, or the loss of a loved one, whichever it may be each liquidation is unique and we at Parkway Group have learned to adapt to each situation to accommodate our clients. From experience, we have learned that not everyone will need an actual estate sale and that some additional services may also be needed. Packing, Moving, and storing items can be exhausting. Finding someone who is trustworthy to ensure your items are handled carefully and your best interest is kept in mind, can also be difficult. That is why we have developed a list of services other than just an Estate Sale to accommodate our clients. Let us do the work for you and take some of that burden off your shoulders. Each Estate Liquidation is unique, and we have learned to adapt to these needs and no offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Listed below are the services we provide, but are not limited to, as we can adapt to each, and every situation needed.  


Estate Buyouts

When there is not enough to hold an estate sale, and our clients want a quick exit with quick cash, they choose one lump sum liquidation by means of a buyout.  Parkway Group will purchase the entire contents at an agreed upon price. We generally offer half of what we feel like we can obtain in retail, as we are providing all the cost to move items, such as labor, supplies, gas, and the rental of necessary vehicles to move items. Items are removed from the home and a surface cleaning is performed, leaving the home ready for its next chapter.

Estate Clearing Liquidation

In some cases, clients may choose to pack and move, and leave the responsibility to the Parkway Group to pack up, move, and sell the remaining items left in the home. We would then empty the home by relocating all the contents to a variety of outlets. High quality items are sold to make you money back. We work very well with realtors to meet deadlines and to have the home cleared and cleaned, ready for its next chapter. Items are stored by Parkway Group, displayed in their store locations, and sometimes used as fillers for upcoming estate sales. They are coded for that client to ensure they receive the payment for the item less our commission on the first of every month. We also work very hard to sell items via online, Facebook, and among our large contact lists. Charitable items will be donated to the charity of your choice, and you would be provided with a receipt to use on your tax purposes. We will properly dispose of any trash and recyclables. Although this process can be slower, it is successful and some clients like the idea of getting a monthly check every now and then as items sell.


Online Estate Sales

After consultation and when decided and agreed upon with client, we may do a “Pop Up Facebook Estate Sale” in which items would be staged, photographed, and listed on Facebook for sale. Parkway Group would be responsible for the preparation of items, photographing items, listing items, all communication and negotiating with customers, scheduling, and meeting customers to view or pick up items, etc., having the estate cleared by deadline, and performing a surface clean when exiting the home. We may purchase all contents and then perform a sale, or we may sell items for a commission amount to be discussed. This type of sale is very rare and would only take place if agreed upon. Usually these are done when there is a large amount of furniture pieces and not many small items left.


Public Estate Sale

When there are enough items in the home, we would then hold a public estate sale to achieve the most value by offering items to the public.  We plan, showcase, promote, and conduct the estate sale. Once a plan has been set and a sale date discussed, preparation for sale begins. During this time, we would clean, organize, display, research, and price all contents for maximum selling potential. We provide display cases, lighting, tables, and all necessary sale supplies needed to conduct the sale. Cabinet doors and interior doors are sometimes removed. Some furniture moved to other areas of the home, all to utilize display space and assist with the flow of the traffic. Pictures and other items may be hung on walls for display. At times we may also add items to the sale, coded separate from the estate and never to compete with your said items. Our process takes us 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the sale. During this time, we will begin to professionally promote the upcoming sale via Facebook, large mailing, and group text list, on multiple websites, and Newspaper Advertisement.

 Next, we would conduct the sale. We provide professional and courteous, staff members who are experienced in sales. We typically conduct the sale over a three-day period. We except cash and credit cards which makes it easier for the customer to purchase items. If the home is for sale, a great way to generate interest in possible buyers is to have the for-sale flyers on hand for anyone interested in the home.  We have helped sell many homes in this fashion in the past.

 At the conclusion of the sale, the home is cleared and cleaned. The Client’s invoice and check from the profits will be issued within 48 hours after the conclusion of the sale.


 Sale of individual Items

Some of our clients contact us needing help in just selling one large item, for example a vehicle, trailer, or lawn mower. We do also provide this service and commission is determined on a per item basis and to be discussed and agreed upon. By providing this service we research fair market value, stage, and photograph items, create a detailed- oriented listing, and take all the hassle of dealing with interested buyers, negotiations, scheduling and meeting possible buyers to look at items, etc. off your shoulders. To put it simply, let us do all the work for you, while you set back and wait on your check to arrive. This service is performed on a commission basis and commission is determined per item.


Local Packing and Moving Service

Whether you need a complete pack, or just some extra help in the challenging areas, our packers can efficiently and skillfully get you ready for your move, as well move your items locally. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team of up to 6 members depending on size and services needed. We charge $90 per hour for all packing and moving services and our crew is available 9am-4pm daily. We work fast and efficiently, getting you the most for your money.  At the completion of the job you will be given an invoice that is due upon receipt.

Full-Service Packing- This involves packing the entire home in detail. Our employees are fully trained in this area to ensure your valuables are handled with care, professionalism, and respect to your belongings.

Piece by Piece Packing- For items that are delicate, breakable, or irreplaceable in value, we encourage you to let us know so that we can pack them with the utmost care.

Materials-We use strong moving boxes. The cost for the boxes is $1.50 per box, and we will provide wrapping paper and tape at no cost. If bubble wrap is needed, we charge $1.50 per sq foot that is used.

Loading-We provide you with a team of experienced loaders that will ensure your items are loaded for a safe and secure fit by expertly filling the loading container so that space will be optimized and the contents less likely to shift during transport.

Transportation-We will transport your items to the new location. Currently, we only provide local transportation services. If a Uhaul is needed you are responsible for that cost as well as fuel, but we can arrange for the pickup and return of Uhaul.

Unloading- If a local move, we will carefully place all your boxes and furniture in each room.

Additional Services available upon request:

Unpacking- Unpack boxes and place items per your instructions.

 (Fee determined per job)  


Relocating, Liquidating an Estate, Downsizing, etc. can be a lot of work and very stressful. We have learned this through experience and have adapted to what our clients need. Our list above is unlimited as to what we can do for you.

Contact us today for a free consultation at 580-465-1255 or 580-465-5355 and let us do the work for you! We look forward to assisting you.

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