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Thank You for the great turnout and support shown to us at this weeks time capsule of a sale in Ardmore… what a fun sale? Untouched items for years made available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure! Hope you all found some goodies! So what’s next? Right now we are working very hard to make some deadlines this week and have two homes cleared… so maybe a pop up sale and maybe not? Still up in the air, so we will keep you posted! If not all the wonderful Pyrex and Corning ware you see on last weeks video will be available for purchase at our store on Sam Noble! So no worries We are currently setting up an amazingly large sale that will feature multiple living quarters, trailers, tractors, boats, 2 sets of washers and dryers, enough beautiful furniture to fill multiple houses, tools, motorcycles, and so much more! So we will be very busy with that set up, phone ringing with two more referrals today, and folks we have many more sales contracts signed just waiting on us! So it’s going to be amazing few months of sales! Parkway Group and our passion to share great finds, bring you clean, organized sales, and provide you with a positive experience isn’t going anywhere! We love you all! Thank you!


If you love shopping Antique Stores, Estate Sales, or Flea Markets or if you are needing assistance with Estate Liquidation Services then you have come to the right place.

We are a family owned and operated Estate Liquidation company, that services Southern Oklahoma. We are not affiliated with any other estate liquidation companies. We also have two store locations, a Flea Market, and offer a wide variety of services.

We are well known for our honesty, integrity, flexibility, and ability to perform creative problem solving. We believe in showing kindness, care, compassion, and respecting the privacy of our clients. Over the years one thing we have learned is that each estate liquidation is unique. Our experience has allowed us to adapt and not just offer a public estate sale but offer a variety of other services as well.

Our number one goal is to help our clients get the most for their items and that our customers are provided with a great, clean, and positive sale experience.

Ready for Antique/Thrifting Adventure

Love antiques, odd items, or looking for that one piece to complete your collection, then you will want to visit one of our two locations where you are sure to find a intriguing item around each corner. 

  • Parkway Antique Mall

  • A Street Antiques

Estate Liquidation Services

Have you recently inherited a loved one’s estate or going through a life transition and need to downsize, Parkway Group can do the work for you as we offer a variety of options, from Estate Buy-outs to conducting professional estate sales.

  • Professional Estate Sales

  • Estate Buy-outs

  • Estate Clean-outs

  • Consignment Services

  • Local Moving Services

  • Estate Appraisals


Experience  A Sale

Looking to find great deals, meet new people with the same  interest, enjoy the thrill of finding new finds, or just getting out of the house. We would love to have you visit one of our estate sales an come  enjoy the positive experience.


  1. Please note we don't reveal sale address until 24 hours prior to sale.

  2. We are currently setting up multiple sales at one time and apologize but we do not have the time to accommodate early shoppers at this time. 

  3. We do not presell items. 

  4. For Sale preview pictures you may visit our Listings on Estate Sale.Com

Have we provided you services or have you attended one of our sales? Then we would love to hear from you.
We know your time is precious but but if you could take a brief moment and share your experience with others, it would greatly be appreciated.
We  take what our clients and customers have to say very seriously as without you we are nothing.